Wheel Mounted Jerry Can Holder

Wheel-mounted jerry can holder

Lockable jerry can holder mounted to spare wheel.

Price (inc GST) $ 470.00


Securely store your jerry can with this Deluxe Aluminium Jerry Can Holder. Designed to be mounted on your spare wheel, this lockable holder ensures your fuel or water remains safe during transport and allows for easy access when needed.

Crafted from durable aluminium, this holder is built to handle tough conditions and can hold up to a 20L jerry can. You can trust in the quality of this product for your next outdoor adventure.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the jerry holder is made from 4mm Tig welded Aluminium, the mounting bracket is made from steel, all powder coated in Mannex Black.

The universal mounting bracket fits all common stud patterns, and is adjustable for different off set wheels.

The jerry holder has integrated internal slots allowing a strap / tie down to further secure the jerry can. this will prevent unnecessary movement and vibration of the jerry can on harsher roads.

If you wish to fit a tap to the jerry can, there are access holes on both sides allowing for this.


The jerry holder / bracket is designed to be fitted to a spare wheel mounted on a heavy duty wheel carrier or bracket.

If you intend to fit a jerry holder to the standard spare wheel mount on any vehicle, caution must be taken that the original mount is adequately strong to support the extra weight, approximately 30kg with a full 20 litre jerry can.

Some factory wheel mounts are not designed to carry extra weight.



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