Rijidij Gullwings

Gullwing windows to suit Defender 110 / 90.

Price (inc GST) $ 1,060.00


Note: There is usually a wait time for gullwings as they are not always in stock. They are made to order in batches. Please use the contact form to ask about current availability / ETA.

Gullwings are a direct replacement for the original sliding windows. No cutting of the vehicle panels is required. Detailed fitting instructions are below.


  • Solid 2mm stainless steel frame with internal backing plates for extra strength and rigidity.
  • 3mm Aluminium door panels with internal bracing.
  • Diecast alloy hardware, hinges, latches.
  • Stainless steel fasteners, black oxide finish for exposed fasteners.
  • EPDM foam seal pre fitted, no messy sealants required.
  • Optional drop down utility box for solid door. Tig welded 2mm aluminium.
  • Optional two way vent for glass doors.


Solid Metal Gullwing: $1060 + shipping



Solid Metal Gullwing (With optional drop down utility box): $1320 + shipping



Full length glass Gullwing: $1095 + shipping


Glass Gullwing (With optional two way vent fitted): $1177 + shipping
Ideal for supplying fresh air to pets, or general ventilation to the rear area. The vent can be opened in increments, facing forward to force fresh air in, or facing back to draw air out.


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Defender Gullwing fitting instructions

Removing the original sliding windows from the vehicle.

  • Older Defenders (Pre ~2002) have a rubber strip in the window frame on the outside. Pull this rubber strip out to reveal the rivet heads. Drill all the rivets out using a 5mm drill bit. Once the rivets are drilled out, you should be able to pull the old window out of the vehicle relatively easily.
  • Later Defenders (~2002 – 2016) The original sliding windows are fitted with a combination of things. First, remove the interior trims to reveal the inside of the window. Around the outside of the frame on the inside of the vehicle are several square plastic tabs, these need to be removed. On the outside of the vehicle use masking tape to cover approximately 10cm of the paintwork right around the window frame. The frame is stuck to the vehicle using a combination of adhesive foam tape and silicone sealant. These need to be cut to release the frame from the panel. This is best done using a strong, but flexible blade. I recommend using a putty knife, approximately 100mm x 50mm with one long edge sharpened. Carefully, but firmly cut the foam and sealant, working your way around the frame. This can be a little difficult and time consuming depending on how much sealant was applied to the original window. You might have to also cut some sealant on the inside of the vehicle where it has squeezed through. Once all the tape and sealant is cut, the window can be removed.
  • Some Defenders have some small tabs near the corners of the panel opening
  • Make sure the outer surface of the opening is clean and smooth.
  • Undo the four 8mm nuts holding the new gullwing door to the frame, carefully remove the door and set it aside for now.
    Rijidij gullwings install 01
  • Fit the new frame to the opening in the vehicle with the hinge holes to the top.
  • This next step is easier to do if you get someone to hold the frame in place for you, otherwise use several pieces of masking tape to hold the frame in place. Using a drill and an 8mm drill bit, start by drilling through the 4 hinge holes just enough so that the drill bit marks the centre of the hole on the panel. Repeat this with a 6mm drill bit for the remaining 16 holes around the frame.
    Rijidij gullwings install 02
  • Remove the frame and place it aside.
  • Now the holes can be drilled through the panel.
  • First drill all holes with a 3mm drill bit as a pilot hole.
  • Drill the 4 x hinge holes with a 9mm drill bit.
  • Drill the 16 remaining holes in the frame with a 7mm drill bit.
  • De-burr the inside of the holes. This can be done using a bigger drill bit.
  • Sit the four stainless steel backing plates, and nuts and bolts inside the vehicle where you can easily reach them through the opening.
  • Fit the frame to the opening once again.
  • The frame is fitted with a foam seal. No additional sealant is required.
  • While holding the frame in place, select one of the end backing plates with the strut mounting ball stud attached. Place it on the inside of the vehicle with the ball stud at the bottom and facing into the opening (See pic below of RH backing plate)
    Rijidij gullwings install 03
  • Insert a 6 x16mm dome head bolt through the top hole from the outside, and fit a nut to the inside to hold it in place. Just finger tight for now.
  • Repeat this for the other end backing plate.
  • Once the two bolts and nuts are fitted, the frame will be held loosely in place so you no longer need to hold it.
  • Fit the top and bottom backing plates, and all the other 6 x 16mm bolts and nuts. Don’t do any up tight until all are fitted finger tight, then proceed to tighten them. Do them up firmly, but they do not have to be super tight.
  • Carefully position the door and insert the four hinge studs through the holes at the top and fit the 8mm nuts to the inside.
  • Tighten the four nuts firmly, do not over tighten.
  • Carefully lower the door to the closed position and press the two latches to the closed position.
  • Check that the gap from the door to frame is even all the way around. If any adjustment is required, loosen the 4 hinge nuts on the back of the door and adjust as necessary.
  • Check the operation of the locks. They have been pre set in the factory, so should not need any adjustment.
  • If any adjustment is needed in the future on a solid door, loosen the locking nuts, turn the bolt as required and re tighten the locking nuts. The outside face of the door should be even with the frame.
  • To adjust a glass door latch, loosen the outside nut, move the inside nut as required, then re-tighten the outside nut.
    Rijidij gullwings install 04
  • To fit the gas struts, raise the door to the fully open position and push the gas struts onto the mounting ball studs. The thicker end of the gas struts must be connected to the door panel so it’s at the top when in the closed position, as indicated on the side of the struts.

Note : There may be some residual soap marks around the rubber seal on glass gullwings. This is from soapy water used in the glass fitting process. It will wash off with normal washing of the car.

Rijidij gullwings install 05

Enjoy your new Gullwings.



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