Telescopic Light Pole

Available as an option for all Rijidij Defender wheel carriers, or to purchase separately.

Price (inc GST) $ 290.00


This combination camping / work/ reversing light fits into the brackets on ‘Rijidij’ wheel carriers and will also fit some other brand carriers.
Extending 60cm it provides excellent illumination to a large area.

The light switch is mounted in an integrated sealed housing to protect the wire terminals from the weather, dust, etc.

A great feature of this setup is the 3 way switch allows the light to come on automatically with your cars reversing light circuit or simply switch it the other way to turn it on manually for camping, work etc.

Includes 30w LED flood light bar and 2 meters of cable.

The two main metal tubes and switch housing have been hot dipped galvanised.

Also suitable for retrofitting to other vehicles.

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